Prototypecast EP - Crixus 12" Vinyl EP



Prototypecast is the new 12" Vinyl EP from Hobart Emcee & Producer Crixus. The EP features a wide array of subject matter over an instrumental bed that is every part as diverse as the lyrics themselves. With all songs written, recorded and mixed by Crixus himself, every aspect of this release is as distinctly Crixus, as it is distinctly unique sounding in an ever-gentrifying musical landscape. Also spotlighting the talents of vocalist Urshula Leung and electric cellist Nicholas Mercer from eclectic Tasmanian band Little Bear, Crixus has crafted six songs that are at once dark and beautiful, uplifting and inspiring.

As an MC, Producer and DJ all rolled in to one, Crixus is very familiar with the DIY mindset required to make one’s own music from scratch. Drawing influences from much a much wider spectrum than the average rapper, Crixus references everyone from Bukowski, to Ginsberg, to Cohen, to Bill Cosby on Prototypecast. Released through Hobart imprint, the aptly titled “Edge of the World Records“, Prototypecast is the first Tasmanian hiphop to be released on 12” record, once again raising the bar of professionalism in the local hiphop scene.

Never one to be stuck in the past, Crixus has ensured that there are a whole stack of digital download bonuses to accompany the vinyl release. Instrumentals of all six EP songs, remixes by feature producers, and extra unreleased songs are all available via the digital download code included with each record.